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guys, make your sperm taste better for the girls...or the guys!! LOL

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Yes. you read it right
if you want to make your cum taste sweet for the girls or guys that suck it, you need to follow certain simple diet guidelines, Here are the ten tips you can follow to have sweet sperm :)

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Sperm taste is affected by what you eat, as are all secretions from the body.
It is a fact that your sperms taste can be improved and making your semen taste better, can be done with a few simple diet changes.
Diet has A major influence on sperm taste as it’s a secretion from the body like any other.

Here then are 10 simple do’s and dont’s to improve the taste of your sperm and make your semen taste better and sweeter:

1. Cut out alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine their all pollutants.

2. Drink lots of water 1 – 2 liters a day to flush out body toxins.

3. Fruit get plenty each day and sweeten your sperm taste Pineapple, papaya cranberry, melons, mangos, apples grapes are all good choices. These fruits are high in natural sugars and offset the bitter taste.

4. Eat plenty of vegetables which are generally good for improving sperm taste.

4.5 While it is true vegetarians generally have better tasting sperm there are vegetables to avoid:
Any vegetables from the cabbage family big offenders also include Cauliflower, broccoli, or asparagus:

5. Cut red meat consumption this is one pf the main offenders when it comes to making sperm taste salty. Dairy produce such as milk and cheese also make sperm taste salty. Make sure when you eat protein you get good quality lean protein such as chicken and turkey.
Fish is claimed by some to be an offender in terms of taste, but this seems to vary between individuals. Try it and see the affects before cutting it out, fish is a major part of a healthy diet, so don’t cut it out!

6. Avoid heavy spices such as Garlic and onions, their big offenders when it comes
to sperm taste, as they have a high sulfur content.

7. Do not buy products that claim to make your semen taste better there is no evidence that they work. Your semen can be made to taste better by overall changes in diet and lifestyle, it’s a complex formula and a good healthy diet has the biggest affect.

8. Parsley, wheatgrass, and celery are particularly recommended for sweeter semen taste, because of their high chlorophyll content.

9. Cinnamon, cardamom, peppermint and lemon are particularly recommended for making semen taste sweeter.

10. Avoid junk food, there loaded with chemicals and preservatives that pollute your body and your semen’s taste.

Your aim with your diet is to eat one that helps your overall health and the above recommendations will not only make your semen taste better you will also feel fitter and healthier as well.
Keep in mind that you can eat some of the foods we don’t recommend for sperm taste.
You can enjoy red meat and the occasional spiced curry just keep in mind the following when considering sperm taste:
What you put into your body takes between 12 and 24 hours to secrete out and you should simply keep this in mind before eating and deciding whether you want a better sperm taste on that particular day or not!

Thanks to the guys at for enlighting me with that little piece of very helpful information

And to whoever may read this, i hope you are not offended by it, this is merely to educate and inform my dear readers, so guys, take what you have read here and practice it on your sex lifes, your partners will thank you in the long run! :)


Mattcb said...

You should give credit to the site you took the information off of, even though you "reworded" some of the post, it's not all your own thoughts.

Mattcb said...

Thanks to for the information listed above.

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THANK YOU! I am a woman who believes in, shall we say, good taste! I was very satisfied with your information, and will share it with EVERYONE and personally put your advic to use!

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Thank you